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Jumping the Freight Trains

Today's story is dedicated to my good friend Austin. I moved from Boston to Austin my freshman year of high school and of course had no friends here. On the very first day I made friends with the people who remain my best friends to this day, and I consider that to be perhaps the most fortunate event of my life.

One of those friends is Austin. Now in the military flying whirly-copters, he used to be the one guy (well, actually I could pretty much always count on Terry too) who would always be in for a crazy plan.

This scheme fell right into our laps.

Midtown East - Gyu-Kaku [Japanese BBQ]

On NYC Lunch

805 3rd Ave between 49th St & 50th St

Food Quality: 4 / 5

Price: $10 for 2-item lunch combo (2 meats+ soup + salad + rice)

Special: ~60% off Lunch specials 11:30-3PM. Happy Hour Mon-Thurs 1130-6PM and 9:30-11PM

Credit Card Accepted?: Yes

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