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The Hard Period

When I first started this schedule, the whole day was a hard period. I was a zombie.

As I moved on, the days started getting ok and the nights were hard.

Soon I felt tired from 11pm-5am, but was ok after that.

Would you like to run fourteen marathons in a year?

On Runaily

On the face of it running a mile a day does not seem a great deal or exercise. In fact in hardly seems worth putting your trainers on.

Let me take you on a mathematical journey as a way of justification.

Lets take one whole year and for each day of that year you run a mile. That is 365 miles in a whole year. That is not far short of the distance from London to Edinburgh (sorry for the UK reference for those of you elsewhere).

A marathon is 26.2 miles, approximately 26 days worth of running in milerunner terms. If you were to run every day then you would be completing 14 marathons in a year. Imagine that. There cant be many marathon runners in the world that would dream of running 14 marathons in a year.

As you can see running a mile a day is not as lame as it sounds. In fact if you were to run a mile every other day then you would be running 7 marathons a year, nothing to snigger about.

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