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Massive Improvements

Perhaps due to my new commitment to not oversleeping, the past 2-3 days have really been great. I had a couple light sleeps in my chair (<1 hour), but the overall quality of both my naps and my awake time continues to increase.

Today, for example, I haven't been tired for the past 24 hours. My minor oversleep of 30 minutes was because I was bored and just spacing out at my computer.

Each nap I've had in the past 24 hours was accompanied by an awesome dream, and naturally ended before my alarm clock. Usually when that happens I get another quick nap in before the alarm goes off, but when I woke up early on my most recent nap, I just got out of bed. The funny thing is that I was SURE that I overslept - I felt great and it seemed like I was in bed for hours.

Not Living Every Day as if it Was Your Last


I think you should start thinking about that whole philosophy in a new light. Instead of seeing no tomorrow and enjoying today to it's fullest, why not think of it as an investment? Spend your time in the way that will enrich tomorrow the most.

That's how I go about, or try to go about it. A good friend of mine, a retired poker player, is a system thinking freak. I think a lot of readers on Sett would agree to his philosophy and love some of his small but enriching life-hacks. He sorts the plates and cutlery when he throws it in the dishwasher, so emptying the machine is ridded of one time consuming task – sorting the cutlery. That system reflects how he tries to furnish everything in his life - In nice and automated systems, where the same effort equals more tasks done in the same amount of time. This way, he has accumulated vast amounts of time, for doing what he loves doing. Usually this involves eating great food and taking post-lunch naps or taking long walks in his scenic natural surroundings on Bornholm.

When you live your life like that, you're constantly building more value and liberating more time – time for you to do what you love (or want to do before you die, check my personal bucketlist here).

Working out and taking care of your body, makes perfect sense in this light. Why not make your body the perfect vehicle to transport you through this adventure? You might die tomorrow, but chances say you won't. Plan for the most likely scenarios, but be prepared for the worst too. Furnish your life in way, so everything you do to stay fit and healthy is aumtomated.

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