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Eight Questions to Figure Out Your Life

One of the more valuable exercises in "The E-Myth Revisited" was answering the series of questions which define one's personal aim. Following are the questions (underlined) and my answers to them.

As a small incentive to try the exercise yourself, I'll edit this post and link to anyone who e-mails me a link to a post on their blog answering the same questions. I think you'll find it valuable, and it's probably a good introduction to potential new readers.

My answers aren't in any sort of order. I was hungry when I wrote this, so food seems to make it to the top of some of the lists.

Our Family Manifesto

On LifeWeTravel

Sue and I are very new to this parenting gig, but we've been thinking and talking about being a family for the 10 years we've been together, practically from the first day we met. As we walk into this wonderful experience with our eyes wide open, knowing that there is so much we don't know, one of the things we do know from our lives in the tech industry is that in order to get somewhere, you have to have a goal in mind -- somewhere you want to end up.

From that perspective our Family Manifesto was born -- five simple main core values we want to raise our kids by. It's possible -- likely -- that these will change over time. But they allow us to put a stake in the ground with core principles that are important to us as we start this journey.

Our Family Manifesto:

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