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Why I Love Self Improvement

Self Improvement is a beaten up term. Such a pure and noble meaning, yet it's been dragged through the mud to connotate seminars in low end hotel conference rooms and people who chant, "I manifest everything for life's highest purpose", but live otherwise unremarkable lives.

Self improvement has a stigma to it. It's embarrassing to be into it. So embarrassing, in fact, that some of its modern day figureheads have tried to rename it. Personal Development. Lifestyle Design. Self Actualization. Fluffy euphemisms, some of which admittedly do sound pretty cool.

But I'll come out and say it. I love self improvement. I don't need to call it anything else,I like it for what it is.


On Exactly

If you like blogs about clowns! sheep! and rocket science! You've come to the wrong place.

However, if you like reading about minimalism, living simply and passionately, challenging social norms, self-care, marriage, respectful parenting, feminism, and living in an intentional community- you've found a winner!

My name is Brianna, and I'm excited to share my thoughts and experiences with the aforementioned topics (as well as anything else that strikes my fancy). I'm an about-to-be-30-year-old music lover, hoop dancing weirdo, with a insatiable thirst for contentment.

I share my life with my two fabulous unschooled offspring, and my wonderful hunky partner. We live in the Sonoran Desert and in one month, will be moving to an intentional community. I was set on the path toward minimalism eight years ago and have been moving closer and closer to my goal of living happily with as little material possessions possible.

I look forward to connecting with others in this community!

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