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The Best Suitcase, and how I Lost Mine

I used to have a bit of an obsession with Zero Halliburton luggage. Look familiar? That's because bad guys in all the movies use the briefcases to hold their money and bombs. Over the years I kept buying these things, and usually traveled with a huge 26" suitcase as well as a matching computer case.

I still really like my Zero Halliburton suitcases, but they're somewhat unweildy. Two day trips don't require a hectare of packing real estate.

Plus, there was the allure of the carry-on only passenger. I never really understood how it worked before. How do people carry everything in such small suitcases? Is it really that much more convenient? What's so bad about checking bags? I was curious.

Making Money out of my Hobby

On Dave's Footsteps

Sweet!! I became a product designer today!! I think that I may have just found my new favorite hobby!! The options are endless!! If you have even the smallest inkling of creativity, you can make a hobby of it too!! Anyways, I posted my first design and am pretty excited. That was kinda my main reason for writing this. lol ;)

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