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Every Wednesday Doug (a.k.a. DJ Doug) and I host Karaoke at a club called Firehouse Lounge in Austin, TX. The main reason I do it is because I love doing gangsta rap songs at Karaoke, and if I'm a host I get to sing more. Plus all of our friends come, so it's a really fun little event.

But last week was more fun than usual.

When I found out that my friend Elisia had a police taser, I immediately went to work trying to think of a good use for it. After a short while, Taseroke was born. The premise was simple - two people would sing a song of their own choosing and whoever the crowd thought did worse would get tased mercilessly by me.

Habit/Life Tracking Translated into French


Ah, this is so awesome. Christophe Ducamp has translated my newest daily tracking template into French.

The full Habit/Life tracking in French is in available in plain text here. - very cool and exciting stuff, cheers to Christophe.

He's on Twitter, too. Christophe Ducamp is @xtof_fr.

This makes my day :) :) :) Thought apparently in France you're supposed to smoke a cigarette before exercising ;)

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