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How I Became a Famous Pickup Artist : Part 1

As far as I was concerned, she was perfect. She was at least as smart as I was, was a dancer and had the body to prove it, and had a smile that could disarm the national guard. Let's call her Julie.

So, like an earthworm stalking it's prey, I put my usual game on her. Since my last flowchart was so popular, I've made another one to show you how I dealt with the ladies back then:

Nedless to say, things went slowly. We hung out nearly every day for the last couple months of our Senior year summer vacation. Like many guys, I was totally oblivious to her attraction for me. One morning Julie came over really early while I was still sleeping, and squeezed into my twin bed with me. I woke up, and assumed that she must be tired - it didn't even occur to me that she might like me. Finally on the last week of that vacation she said to me,

Life Lessons

On Shut Up and Take My Hand

I have a legit reason for being away for so long this time XD Me and my boyfriend broke up uwah~ technically I broke it off but it was pretty much mutual so :3 To make a long story short, I guess he was still my top priority whereas for him, I'd dropped down the list. And me being me, I'm very selfish when it comes to love since I demand all of it, all the time.

The first time something like this happened, I'm not gonna lie I did get crazily depressed. As in...suicidal depressed. But thanks to the help of some really great friends, I'm still here today :)

I'm still not feeling too great despite it being well about a month or so since the breakup, but I have to thank some amazing people for helping me get through it and loving me all the while ^-^

When the pain was still fresh, I guess I went through the stages of heartbreak anyone would go through? First comes sadness. The betrayal, the feeling you're not good enough, rereading all your texts and wondering what changed. All that stuff. Yno, laying in bed at 3am and not being able to sleep cuz your eyes sting too much from crying. Yeah that stuff.

Next is the anger. How dare you do this to me? I loved you! *Rants useless anger to convince yourself you hate the guy and its better that it ended and that he's a jerk*. This part was probably the most fun, since I actually felt in control again. Powerful to an extent. But it doesn't last, and what came next was like falling of a building.

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