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I've Got My Pockets Jammed With Jeffersons (and other updates)

My friend Jonah decided that he was going to break off his long standing relationship with the more common bills and use two dollar bills as the primary fodder in his wallet. I thought it was ingenious. Here's why:

I never like copying people's quirks, but this one is too good. I told him that I wanted to copy it, but whenever anyone remarked how cool it was, I would give him credit. He agreed.

I went to the bank yesterday and as I was leaving, I remembered that I wanted to get some deuces (oh, did I mention how cool all the nicknames are for them?). They had just gotten a shipment in, so I got my hands on a freshly minted stack of 100 sequentially numbered two dollar bills. Thanks for the idea, Jonah!

Jealousy anyone?

On The Life Of An Ordinary Teenager

I truly need to figure things out. I went to a six flags park today, it was my field trip. I had so much fun with Finn and a bunch of other people. With what i just lived, i learned that, don't worry too much. Things will happen the way they were meant to be.

I sat alone in the morning and when i got there, i walked straight to the entrance to find Finn. Thank god, i found him and spent the whole day with him. The bad part is, i sort of have a tiny crush on him. He was so nice and we were getting along so well... and he looked really cute. I just feel jealous of the relationship he has with this girl named Amber. She is good friends with him and i noticed things that happened today.

When i got to the entrance, me and Finn found everyone. Zane, Brian, Emma, Amber and Oscar. Now Amber has a crush on Zane and i seriously don't know why but oh well. After a few minutes, me and Finn were walking faster and faster and then suddenly, we lost the group. So we went on two rides and then we were with this guy in our class, Jonathan. He didn't want to do any of the big rides so eventually we left him. We didn't leave him by himself but he went with our other friends who wanted to do the same boring rides. Finn was being so nice to Jonathan and i really liked that about him.

We did all the scary, big rides together and had so much fun i was in the zone! But then, we found the group and i honestly didn't want to be with them because then i couldn't get closer to Finn. So we were waiting in line for this ride, and Finn asks me why i'm calm and not talking. I answer well these guys aren't really my friends and i don't know them. Later on, the guys ( not Finn ) were all over Amber and then she said, in a joke kind of voice, am i pretty? Then Finn in a joke voice said yes. Then he asked me if i was pretty. I said i don't know. He then replied, " Well i think you're very pretty, very pretty. " . I was freaking on inside because Amber is this thin gorgeous girl and he thinks fat Jane is pretty. Then he was telling me about his older sister and told me that she likes nails and makeup. After, i said that me and her would get along because i love beauty related things, he starred at me for like two minutes and i don't know why.

As time went by, i found my friend Olivia who was alone. So i asked her if she wanted to come with us and said yes. After a couple rides, i saw that Finn was having fun with the others and not with me anymore. He was doing rides with Amber and kind of forgetting about me. Me and Olivia left the group and ate pizza on a bench. It was the best pizza i've had in a long long time. I am attracted to Finn but i feel like he's attracted to Amber.

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