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Behind the Scenes with Tax Protestors Ed and Elaine Brown

He doesn't like to call it a compound, so I won't. It does have 10 inch thick concrete walls, though. When I heard that Ed Brown was allowing visitors to his "home" in New Hampshire, I had to visit.

Ed and Elaine Brown are a pair of famous tax protestors who are evading arrest in a standoff with the feds.

I exited the highway and passed a Wal Mart. Soon the road became only one lane each way. Soon it was winding through farmland. Shortly after it became a dirt road. The RV hopped over the potholes as veered left onto their street.

Turning down business

On minimalift

Today I'd like to elaborating further on character and judgement.

I couldn't stand the guy, and I'd only met him once on a weekend course. His behaviour towards the very knowledgeable and well mannered tutor was belligerent, and his general demeanour was one of arrogance and superiority. Granted, he was very strong, but I didn't see strength in his character. Out of all the participants, he was the only one I never wanted to see again. I later found out he lived close to me and I often saw him train clients in the local park.

Time passed and the trainer opened a facility of his own. Good on him - he has strong branding and his facility reflects his vision. It's the kind of place I'd like to train. A fellow lifter and coach was running weightlifting workshops and short courses there. The owner wanted more - regular slots for classes to build a weightlifting club for his clientele. Now while my colleague wasn't able to commit to that, he knew I was in the market for additional coaching and put in a strong word. Then he asked me if I was interested. Whilst I greatly appreciated him thinking of me first and thanking him, I had to tell him flat out:

"I won't line that guy's pockets. I don't respect him."

Having seen his character in the wild with no prior dealings, it's out of the question that I could lend my arm to his business. It doesn't matter how much money's on the table. I will only associate with people of good character. This is one aspect on how I conduct my business, and there is more to come on that topic.

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