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Behind the Scenes with Tax Protestors Ed and Elaine Brown

He doesn't like to call it a compound, so I won't. It does have 10 inch thick concrete walls, though. When I heard that Ed Brown was allowing visitors to his "home" in New Hampshire, I had to visit.

Ed and Elaine Brown are a pair of famous tax protestors who are evading arrest in a standoff with the feds.

I exited the highway and passed a Wal Mart. Soon the road became only one lane each way. Soon it was winding through farmland. Shortly after it became a dirt road. The RV hopped over the potholes as veered left onto their street.

Saturday Adventures

On Reviving Roses

Originally Posted: Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's a little bit of a long post, but what can I say, a lot happened today!

This may or may not pertain to one of the events that happened today, I believe that it does, but I will leave it up to you to make your own call. Years ago my parents* bought me a cross on a chain to wear around my neck. I wanted this item very much for Christmas or my birthday, something like that. I haven't worn it since then, until about 3 days ago. I'm unsure why all of a sudden I felt the need to wear it again, but I have been and I will continue to do so. As I wrote yesterday, it was snowy and slow moving last night. Luckily, this morning it cleared up, the sun was shinning, and most of the snow & ice had melted. This was good because I had to head to work this morning and I was hoping that I wouldn't be stuck in traffic for an hour again. Little did I know that it was going to take me over an hour to get to work anyway.

I was about 3 miles away from work on the freeway. When on the right hand shoulder a state trooper had a car pulled over. It's beyond me why people continually do this, but EVERYONE slammed on their brakes. Therefore, I had to slam on mine, but I wasn't going to stop in time. I swerved to the right lane to miss a car. Those two actions caused my car to swerve back and forth! I tried to regain control, but it wasn't happening. The next thing I knew, I was perpendicular to the freeway in the ditch. After I calmed down and I was able to breath easy, I took a look around to see where I was and if anything had happened to me or the car. I was smack dab in the middle of a light post and a tree, about 3-4 feet from each. About 20 yards down the road sat the trooper.

The reason a mentioned the cross...I didn't hit anyone in the two lanes of traffic I was in, I didn't hit the light poll or the tree, I didn't hit the trooper, nothing wrong with my car, nothing wrong with me! To top it off, I didn't get a ticket for having an out of state driver's license, and Justin's employee was able to pull me out without us having to spend up to $200 on a tow truck! WHEW!

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