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Going Extreme

If there's something I'm known for amongst friends and acquaintances, it's that I tend to do things to extremes. I can't just do speed dating, I have to work my way to the top of the pickup food chain. Instead of moving in to a smaller house, or even a big RV, I buy the tiniest RV I can. I can't take a week long vacation to Thailand, I have to get rid of everything and go full nomad for years. Cutting out fast food isn't enough, I cut out everything that's remotely bad for me.

What I write about less are the counter extremes. I was an introvert who was terrified of girls. I lived in my own house with a whole room dedicated to warehousing my stuff. For years I didn't leave the US. Before I began eating healthy, I went to McDonalds so much, and brought my friends so often, that they actually stopped charging me for food AND giving me winning Monopoly pieces to get free food elsewhere.

I do this with just about anything. The other day while writing a post, I wrote, "I don't do everything in a weird way. For example, I..."

Confessions of a Mac Switcher: Part 1

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

I can't believe I'm here writing this. All my life I never thought it would happen to me, you know? I always thought I could fight it, I wouldn't be the guy who gives in. I've been making fun of the people who do as long as I can remember. The snide remarks, the slightly-less-than-playful jokes. I thought I was stronger than they were, better, cooler. But no - last Friday I gave in... I broke.

My name is Zachary Cohn... and I just switched to Mac.

I've been thinking about it for a while. The sleek unibody aluminum design, the efficiency resulting from it all being designed to work together, a unix base under the hood with a user friendly blanket on top. It was pretty tempting.

[caption id="attachment_101" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="I threw it all away... FOR THIS!"][/caption]

I've been using Windows for all my life. Started with 3.1, then 95, then 98. After a brief stint with ME, I got my first XP box. It was awesome! I knew how it worked, inside and out, I had grown up with it, and life was good. I built a desktop and got a laptop. My desktop slowly became a Frankenbox, my laptop got stolen and replaced with my current one. I graduated college, moved to Seattle, and now only have my laptop. It's definitely mine, covered in bumper stickers ranging from Streetlight Manifesto to TechTV, American Parkour to Unicycle.com.

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