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The Great Brain

Right now I'm sitting at Casa De Luz waiting for my friend to get here. I'm using a cool wireless card from Sprint, which is my main internet connection now. For those of you who are nerds, I downloaded at 160k/sec while driving in my car. Pretty wild.

Anyway, sorry for not writing frequently lately. I've been a little burnt out I guess. Today I did something a bit different and I recorded myself reading the first chapter of the best kids book in the land. As I mention in the recording, this book is pretty much responsible for me being who I am. If you want to ensure that your kids don't come out like me, definitely don't let them read this book.

There's actually a whole series. I think that the chapter I read is one of the less interesting ones, but I chose it because it's first and I'm one of those people who hates spoilers of any kind.

Another Sunday Down

On The Daily Vomit

Just remembered i told myself i was going to post something on here everyday, but the thing is i have no idea what i wanna blog about, so i think this is going to be pretty directionless. I already posted a blog on Word press today about my new Flotsam and Jetsam No Place for Disgrace vinyl that showed up in the mail yesterday. Of course i could just post it here, but that would be cheating, not that anyone is going to read this or the other one, but I would know.

So I guess I'll talk about my weekend a bit. On my way home from work Friday I got pulled over my a NYS Trooper for having a brake light out. Got a ticket for it and everything. No big deal really, I just had to get up early yesterday and run to the auto parts store, buy and install a new bulb then drive over to the police station and have a cop look at and sign a piece of paper, then from there head to the Post Office and send the signed ticket in. The whole ordeal cost me $5 and about an hour of my time. After that I went grocery shopping and headed home.

Since I was a total slack ass all week, I was forced to record all the guitar and bass tracks for the song i have been working on this week in the space of about two hours. I would have liked to spend at least an hour on each part, but instead i had to rush the entire project to get it done before my parents came home and I couldn't crank up my amp anymore. I got what I needed done, but it wasn't the best performances or quality of sounds. I would have like to spend more time with it.

Today I got up and edited the different takes of the same song and then spent about an hour mixing it. Not really happy with the results, but I have a deadline each week that the song must be done by 4 o'clock Sunday, and so I'm gonna live with what it is and move on to the next one. I did post the mix on this forum I'm part of for peer review. Hopefully some better trained ears can lend some help on what I can do to improve the mix or the recording. That’s the plan anyway.

I guess that’s it for now, sorry if you actually took the time to read this.

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