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Deciding to Go Nomad

The blog started right after we got to our first stop here in Panama, but the dream and the planning of going nomadic began about six months prior.

I think Todd's reasons for going are similar to mine, but I'll speak for myself for now.

Traveling has always been one of my favorite things. Ever since I was fortunate enough to go to Taiwan when I was 13 (Thanks Charlie!), I had the bug. Not only to travel, but to go off the beaten path. Honduras is more appealing than San Francisco.

An Accident

On The Fox's Tail

The safety harness clicked in place and I felt the wind rush to my face inviting me to fall down with it. I was ebullient, yet tense and anxious at the same time.

“Almost done.” Informed the man behind me, in a very perfunctory manner, “Now be careful, ok? No fooling around whilst you are in the air or you can plummet down further than you are meant to and that could result in big accidents! You understand?” He questioned, a fetid smell arousing from his breath.

I nodded my head, taking in a deep, shaky breath.

“I understand.”

“Good.” Came the reply, “Now, you are ready to go…oh wait! You forgot your-“

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