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The Good and The Bad

So the bad news is that I did oversleep by 75 minutes last night. I somehow slept through the compressor going off, which is mind boggling.

However, I'm looking forward to starting the Polynappers of the Future Fund. If any of you have good ideas for how we can spend the money, post it in the comments. We have $1000, and I think the first purchase will be buying two copies of the Claudio Stampi book. I read it last time I attempted this schedule and found it interesting.

The good news is that today has been rock solid, for me at least. I had three sketchy naps, two in cars and one in the plane, but I still felt refreshed each time. Right now I feel great, and I have only an hour and a half until my next nap. I'm extremely psyched about the schedule and I'm really looking forward to using it now that I'm here in Massachusetts with my family.

Become a Producer

On No Status Quo

Think of someone who has had a positive impact on your life. Someone you admire and respect, but don't know personally.

Some of you will pick a renowned writer or businessman. Others will pick an artist, businessman, scientist or movie star. Some of you may even pick a hard-working blogger. At least I would. But do you know what all these people have in common?

They are all producers.

I bet you didn't think of a person who spends most of his time watching TV shows, browsing the web or playing computer games. Because that person is a consumer, not a producer.

Consumption can be a lot of fun. We're all consumers from time to time. We enjoy the time we spend watching TV shows or playing computer games. However, the moment we turn off the TV, all the happiness is gone. Until we turn the TV back on, that is.

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