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My productivity has been abysmal for the past three days. I haven't stuck to my crossfit schedule. A couple meals weren't vegan and Ty-approved. I fell off the wagon.

Sure I was on a plane for most of one of those days and jetlagged for the others, but those are excuses and I don't want to excuse myself. Excuses don't put food on the table.

At the same time, I'm not going to dwell on on the past. I had stuff to do, I didn't get it done, and now I'm where I am. It is what it is, and all that matters now is the present.

Become a Producer

On No Status Quo

Think of someone who has had a positive impact on your life. Someone you admire and respect, but don't know personally.

Some of you will pick a renowned writer or businessman. Others will pick an artist, businessman, scientist or movie star. Some of you may even pick a hard-working blogger. At least I would. But do you know what all these people have in common?

They are all producers.

I bet you didn't think of a person who spends most of his time watching TV shows, browsing the web or playing computer games. Because that person is a consumer, not a producer.

Consumption can be a lot of fun. We're all consumers from time to time. We enjoy the time we spend watching TV shows or playing computer games. However, the moment we turn off the TV, all the happiness is gone. Until we turn the TV back on, that is.

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