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Thailand, Take 2

Okay so I just wrote about half of a really long post about how awesome Thailand has been... and then it got deleted somehow. It's a shame when things like that happen to computer geniuses like myself.

So... from the top.

Todd and I reconvened on the small island of Koh Phi Phi (where The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed). But this time we had company.


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I am going to write about sharks now. They are not leopards. They could be leopard sharks. That is a thing now.

Right, so sharks. I can identify with the main character in Sharks because he is an Everyman. Like that of my forefathers, I now have "Features" which can be used in a sea monkey additive.

Perplexing, eh?

I am the role of one person, but only inside a trunk can there exist more than one entity. It is sad, but the databases were clean when I wrote this program, and now that I've found it, it's was better than before. The layers of layweres were lairs of lawyers.

Laywere is another word for layman. It comes from the Olde Englishe "were" which, actually, meant man, and not werewolf. Or wereshark. Or bearshark.

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