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Getting Out

I was more F than A or C, but any way you look at it, I was an AFC. An Average Frustrated Chump. I had a crush on a girl named Renee, who lived on my floor in the dorm.

For weeks I lived in agony, wondering if she liked me. I'd make subtle hints and get back subtle responses which weren't nearly conclusive enough for me to do anything about it.

Things came to a head on Friday night. I had to ask her. Not in person, of course. On AIM.

day 17 | mark 13-14

On grow

It's not just about Peter denying Jesus three times.

According to the tradition of the gospel of Mark, we know about Jesus' trial before the Sanhedrin because Peter was listening from the courtyard below. He heard the accusations. He heard the abuse. All he did was warm himself by a fire and listen to these terrible things happen to his friend, the man he'd been traveling with for the past three years. Peter doesn't just deny Jesus with his words.

He denies him with his silence.

Sometimes I deny myself with my silence. When people make assumptions about me that I don't clarify. When people insist that I do something that I don't want to do. When people think I'm stuck up, when I'm really just an introvert. When people think I'm high maintenance, but I'm really just a highly sensitive person.

What are you denying with your silence?

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