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Persistence Alone

My grandfather grew up in a small apartment in Lawrence, Massachusetts with fourteen older brothers and sisters. His mother stayed at home to watch after the family, and his father worked in a dry goods store.

His parents came from Italy to Ellis Island with no money. He grew up poor.

When he was ten or so he began to work at the dry goods store as well. His job was mainly to run into the rat infested basement and get tins of spaghetti to bring upstairs. He was allowed to keep a portion of the money, but most of it went to his parents.

Results, Not Feelings

On Huan M. Nguyen

The way I used to do my homework was through feelings. Early on, it was enough and I generally got most of my work done.

Now, I have a lot more work to do, and more general life responsibilities like housekeeping. So my internal, instinctual gauge of how much I have done gets thrown off.

Some days, I'll feel like I get a lot done by working out and meditating early in the day, as well as washing the dishes and doing laundry. But I'll not have much homework done and that's not good.

I tackled this problem by implementing tracking and a daily todo list that I write out with the goal of completion in mind. That helps both my internal gauge (it feels damn good to have the whole list crossed out when it is), and also to help me keep track of how much actual work I'm getting in.

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