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The Building Mindset

I remember reading about the famous marshmallow study, the one where they see if kids can delay gratification or not. Reading about it really haunted me, because a psychologist came to my school in third grade and did a similar experiment on us students. We could have an unspecified "big prize" later, or a small prize immediately. I walked away with silly putty.

As you probably know, the people who delay gratification are more successful, happier, etc. When I found this out, I became determined to be a gratification delayer.

I love thinking about these dichotomies-- you're either X or Y, and if you're Y... maybe you'd better start becoming an X.

A related one that I think is really practical is the split between builders and allocators. I'm not sure those are the exact best words, but I've always been bad at coming up with catchy terms for these things.

Back in the Land of the Living

On Imported Blog

Its good to be back, talking to you all again. As many of you know, I had an injury last month, and I was pretty much laid up for all of August. I've emerged, and I'm pretty much back to normal. I've taught a few classes, and built a few websites, and life is getting back on track. A bunch of you called and emailed and visited, and found various ways to be supportive, and I really appreciate it. It was very nice of you, and inpsired me to commit to do the same, if any of my friends should ever suffer a similar fate. Although I hope not. I would certainly prefer if nobody ever got punched in the face ever again, until the time comes that the sun refuses to shine. However, knowing that there will continue to be sickness, old age, and death, there will also continue to be deliveries of juice, and kindness. So it goes, my favorite Vonnegut quote. Which makes me think I should read more Vonnegut, I'm sure he's got a few other gems. Oh, and it just occurred to me that maybe some of you are not aware of my healing adventure, in which case, you can read this blog post by my friend Elise. She captures a day in the life of a guy with a broken face quite well. I'm also working on a short book, which will be release in ebook form, "So You Broke Your Face". Again, I hope it has a very narrow audience. And maybe in the future, I'll email y'all some of the insights that arose from the experience, but not today. Today, I just want to say hi. So, Hi! Oh, and if you want to come to Yin Yoga Teacher Training, a workshop, or have a private yoga lesson, or have me build a website, that would be awesome, because, apparently, hospital bills don't just go away if you ignore them. Thanks, Love you, Daniel P.S. It was recently pointed out to me that me that the signature line in my email has the quote: There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in -Leonard Cohen I am feeling like I've learned that lesson as fully as I care to. I feel like, in this lifetime, I really have enough cracks. My face has just about as much light as I can take. If anyone wants to share some other quotes that maybe will promote a lessons and manifestations that are more pleasant and delightful, I'd love to hear them. OM Om

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