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Not So Materialistic

If any one thing defines me, besides supreme awesomeness and authentic gangsta flavor, I'd say that it's my materialistic bent. The fact of the matter is that I usually love buying things. I love finding the best deals, I love buying the best of things (yeah, sorry... had to put that project on hold for a minute). There have been weeks where I've gotten a package every single day. Check part of my intro in the game :

In his spare time - which was basically all his time - he explored caves, recorded extremely catchy rap songs, and surfed the Internet for unusual items to buy and then never use.

It's true too. I have a $500 fountain pen. I don't even handwrite anything ever. I have three japanese LED watches, one watch with a GPS, another that tracks my sleep patterns, another that monitors my heart, and I don't wear a watch. I have the best toaster in the world (Dualit), the same one the queen uses. I use that a few times a year.

Just Press The Button! -- Toasters vs Breadmakers

On Linus Rylander

Imagine this: Making bread.


Tough, huh?

When you ask someone to picture an elaborate process, they usually don't. Like making bread. It's not one definitive thing. It's not a single image appearing in your head and you know exactly what it is and what it does.

A bunch of ingredients. Flour, spices, dough, ovens, breadmakers, kitchen utensils... and all the rest.

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