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2010 Survey Results

After a long day in the sun at the 2010 Crossfit Games in LA, I've flopped into my Aeron in the RV, which is parked near my old stomping grounds in Hollywood. I found an amazing parking spot right near the Farmer's Market that has no street cleaning and is always empty at night. You'd be surprised how important things like street cleaning become when you live in an RV. Anyway, I don't have enough energy left to pull myself out of my chair, so it's time to tally up the survey results from a couple weeks ago and share what I learned.

Life Nomadic

This one was totally unexpected. Around a third of the people who responded said that they want more Life Nomadic. To be totally honest, I didn't know people were that interested in it. The site, when it was separate, never developed the same sort of following this site has.

Part II, Be Conscious of Your Partaking

On The Slowing

This is Part II of IV in my Arbitrary Disciplines series.

As you'd expect, I make very little money. It's par for course in the service industry. Since Novemeber or so, I've been stressed about how little money I have. To be honest, I am not even exactly sure what I spent my money on. As a joke in my apartment, my roommate and I call ourselves "Frugal Bitches" because we're always swapping coupons. Nonetheless, to combat my lack of funds, I recently tried to go a couple days without buying anything. Let's just say I'm no Judith Levine. It was heartbreakingly difficult. I would be swinging out of Walgreens with my Cookie Dough Blue Bell and teal fingernail polish before it even registered that I had bought something unnecessary.

And then, I had a revelation: If I don't buy things, I don't have to work for money.

Be careful how you read what I have just written. I'm not saying I don't want to work. I actually love working very hard. But I want to work on the things I love, i.e. writing poetry, drinking tea, creating this blog, doing DIY projects, volunteering at the farm, etc., instead of working somewhere I am not nourished for money to fund my unnecessarily expensive lifestyle.

This is not a hard thing to grasp. But somehow, it is a fundamental breach in my understanding of work. While I have never had lots of extra money in my life, I have always had enough. Enough to never have to say no to reasonable desires like beer with friends or a trip to London for Spring Break or new leather sandals that I've been eyeing. But paring down your desires to the most essential ones means that you can limit the amount of money you need to make.

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