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Thailand, Take 2

Okay so I just wrote about half of a really long post about how awesome Thailand has been... and then it got deleted somehow. It's a shame when things like that happen to computer geniuses like myself.

So... from the top.

Todd and I reconvened on the small island of Koh Phi Phi (where The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed). But this time we had company.

Dissonant ingredients, harmonious result

On Mundanely Divine

Ever had a meal that combined two bizarrely different ingredients to make something delicious? Sometimes, the best situations arise when random things are combined. For example: Italian opera, a baby lawyer, and Vietnamese-Cambodian students

I was visiting a province in Cambodia. I had spent the last couple of days doing mundane tasks: organizing school supplies, chatting with my wonderful hosts, Brian and Jody, and hanging out with kiddos.

My hosts suggested I visit a local school, of sorts, down the road. The school was established by a couple, a Canadian woman and a Vietnamese man. They came to Cambodia to work with Vietnamese immigrants in the area. Despite having lived in Cambodia for generations, the Vietnamese face Here's more info on that. The couple established a school with the aim of teaching Vietnamese-Cambodian students the skills necessary to get good jobs such as English, Vietnamese, and computers.

I was walking through the classroom when someone mentioned to the teacher that I used to sing opera. Within a moments, I was ushered to the front of the small classroom with 11 curious faces staring at me. I opened my mouth and felt my rusty vocal chords begin to fill the tile classroom with an entirely foreign sound in a completely foreign language (Italian). Despite my lack of training, proper diction, or accompaniment, the kiddos were transfixed. For a few minutes, it seemed the music was able to create a temporary bond.

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