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Casco Viejo

Jose, our friend and the guy who rented our apartment to us, is a Spanish teacher here in Panama. He comes over a couple times a week and hangs out with us. It's business and pleasure - we learn Spanish from him and we teach him about online business. He's a lot more of an expert in his field than we are in ours.

Last week he told us about a couple he teaches here. The guy, Peep (pronounced 'Pep') is from Estonia, and the girl, Sarah, is from Austin! We called them up and planned to hang out one night.

They live in Casco Viejo - "The Old City". Todd and I kept intending to go visit Casco Viejo, but never got around to it. Unless there's a moderate amount of pressure, you can't ply us from our work.

Rafting, Shooting, and being Awesome

On Man of the Couch

A good friend and fellow blogger of mine, Rob aka mcdeadmeat, has a blog that is much more refined, deep and more smarter than mine. I really look up to Rob as a Christian, husband, outdoorsman, and fat cat owner. In that vain, you should check out his blog Wandering Thoughts,

I bring up my friend for two reasons.

1) He and his wife are awesome and he can grow a pretty legit face beard.

2) I'm stealing one of his ideas and thought I should give him at least a little credit.

Every Friday, Rob posts what he and his wife/friends/enemies/mother in-law are doing for the weekend.

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