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Halfway Through Panama

How quickly the time has gone! We've been here for a month now, and it will already be hard to go.

We went to Mireya's for lunch today and Mireya said (in Spanish), "Oh good! I was thinking you left the country already!"

She seemed happy that we were here for another month and we talked about our trip to Las Tablas. I don't want to talk much about the Great Panamanian Road Trip of 2008, since Todd is writing a post about it and I'm making a video about it (check back this weekend), but I will say this - it was great!

Rafting, Shooting, and being Awesome

On Man of the Couch

A good friend and fellow blogger of mine, Rob aka mcdeadmeat, has a blog that is much more refined, deep and more smarter than mine. I really look up to Rob as a Christian, husband, outdoorsman, and fat cat owner. In that vain, you should check out his blog Wandering Thoughts,

I bring up my friend for two reasons.

1) He and his wife are awesome and he can grow a pretty legit face beard.

2) I'm stealing one of his ideas and thought I should give him at least a little credit.

Every Friday, Rob posts what he and his wife/friends/enemies/mother in-law are doing for the weekend.

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