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The Near Future of BTYB

I don't expect to be posting very much here for the forseeable future, maybe once or twice a month. Most new and exciting things that I'm up to are related to Life Nomadic, so make sure you check for my posts (and subscribe to the RSS) there.

The good news is that I will be posting at least twice a week there, Todd is posting as well, and I upload photos and write quick updates every day. Posts that I make to BTYB will be more "personal development" related, as well as projects I'm working on (like conversion doubler).

I also check the forums every day.

Sulla's Epitaph


Interesting guy, Sulla. His Wikipedia page gives you a starting point, but you can't really grasp Sulla from an objective point of view. He did a lot of things in his life, and made a lot of enemies, and a lot of friends.

At any given point, he'll do something really awful and seemingly incredibly self-centered and unjustified, and he'll seem like a real terrible human being

And then he'll turn around and do something really magnificent, brave, generous, honest, and selfless.

Hard to make sense of him. To really get a grasp of him, you need to look at him from a mix of perspectives -- from the perspective of Mithradates, the King of Pontus who fought against him in bitter struggle, from the Marian faction, from contemporaries and recent historians, and from people looking back through various ages.

One of the more interesting statements by him is his last words -- he wrote his own epitaph when he knew he was dying --

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