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How to Make a Moderately Popular Blog

Let's be honest: My blog is pretty cool. It's not nearly as popular at Boingboing, Tuckermax, or that weird housewife who writes about her kids, but I have a pretty steady readership who all post comments and get something out of the site. Since I started around a year ago, I've averaged 1200 unique readers a day (half of that is thanks to huge spikes from digg and such). My blog hasn't made me rich, but I've probably made a few thousand dollars, which is a nice side effect. More importantly it's made me a much better writer, and has helped me chronicle the past year of my life.

What I'm saying is this : I can't help you build the next Engadget or WWTDD, but I can help you get started to building a moderately popular blog.

First you need decent hosting and Wordpress. Don't mess with blogger - no one reads blogger blogs because they all look the same and don't have cool plugins that you need. I know you can customize it and all, but stop arguing and do it my way.

Sometimes, Everything Sucks.

On Chocolate Milk in a Wine Glass

Usually, I feel really blessed that I'm able to travel 15 hours and 19 minutes drive from my family for college and I'm still able to keep in touch with them through the internet and my phone and all the wonderful technology we have today. But sometimes, I think it makes it worse. Maybe I would miss my friends and family more if I had to wait for letters to arrive to hear from them, there's really no way to know.

Today, I really feel like the technology we have access to makes it worse. Having the ability to know how someone is feeling, what they're doing, and where they are, practically any moment of the day can be really heartbreaking.

I've been thinking a lot about a great friend of mine from back home. I've been crying on and off today thinking about him and being excited (and also nervous) to see him again in 6 days after not seeing him for 4 months. I've been texting him, asking him how he's doing, what he's up to, trying to connect with him through the distance. He takes a long time to respond and when he does, he replies with short generic phrases. I know that he misses me too, that's not my concern. It's just sometimes really frustrating to be having a really bad day, full of missing someone, and then to find that the person you're missing so much is having a full and busy day, hanging out with their friends and laughing and enjoying themselves. They're not really missing you.

As much as I want to seek comfort from him that it'll be okay and that I'll see him soon, I don't want to pull him from his fun and bring down his mood. I end up feeling jealous, and sometimes worthless- like I cant have fun without him, like I dont have any good friends other than him. While I know these things aren't true, I still constantly compare my life to his and I end up putting myself down because of it.

I can't help but feel that the immediacy of the contact we're able to have despite our distance adds to this. I just don't see this being a problem in the days of letter writing.

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