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The Great American School Bus Conversion: Part 1

One of my favorite movies of all time is Road Trip. It's not exactly the pinnacle of cinematography, and the acting isn't going to win any awards, but it does include a couple of my favorite themes:

1. Ditching school
2. Road tripping

My first experience road tripping was when I graduated from high school. Five friends and I took one of those cool vans ("a REAL van.. this was before all that minivan crap") from Texas to Florida, and then all the way up to Maine. I got off in Massachusetts, but the rest of the crew continued on to Chicago and then back South.

35 Page Summary of John Rockefeller's Life


"Titan" by Ron Chernow is one of my favorite biographies. It goes over the life of John Rockefeller.

Matt Ackerson just sent me a wonderful summary written by his friend Dane Maxwell.

Right click here and "save as" to download the summary.

Dane's analysis is really fantastic. He summarizes Rockefeller's habits, attitudes, skills, and approach to doing business. I loved Titan, but it's a big book - over 800 pages. This summary reads fast and gives you a lot of the key lessons. Highly, highly recommended you check it out.

A big thanks to Matt for sharing this with me, and Dane for kindly allowing me to share it with you. If you want to find these guys online, Dane Maxwell runs Zannee.com, where they do real estate recruiting and retention technology.

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