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A Polyphasic Christmas

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past week. I went to Boston and Vermont and brought only my tiny laptop (Libretto U105) with me. Besides being busy spending time with my family, the keyboard of the Libretto doesn't lend itself to lengthy updates.

I did a pretty good job sticking to polyphasicsleeping over the vacation, but not perfect. I had a total of 5 nights in Boston, 4 of which I overslept an average of 3 hours per night, and two nights in Vermont. I don't know if you've ever been out in the farming country in Vermont, but there is literally nothing to do. Compound that with the fact that I was staying in a 1000 sqft. house with 10 other people who were very fond of quiet and darkness throughout the night, and it made polyphasic sleeping a serious challenge.

The first night I slept 3 hours extra (seems like the magic number, doesn't it?), and the second night I didn't try - I overslept by almost 6 hours.

Friends Forever??

On The Wicked Boar

So today I was talking to my best guy friend who is technically my best friend you know, because guys are less dramatic and stuff, about a huge fight I had with my best girl friend from high school who I basically don't speak to anymore because things got very ugly, when I realised it really is very sad how in this time friendship means very little to so many out there. I mean think about it, we all have friends we hang out with sometimes or friends with common interests that we talk to some times, and this happens more in high school, but there are very few we actually trust enough to be ourselves or to tell our fears to, and that makes me very sad because in one year I lost, at first 2 of my closest friends and then peter that same year, I realised some weren't really my friends at all and some didn't care about our friendship enough to save it.

Back to the main idea, I was talking freely to him and I started an idea of the future but I didn't finish but since I've asked him before "do you think we'll be friends when we're forty" or "in 5 years", he immediately said "no I don't think we'll be friends" and I don't know if I'm the only one that feels like I do but it's heartbreaking to think I won't see the friends that really matter anymore you know?

It's like "a long shot" thinking about the future and the people that are going to be in it, but every time I imagine the future, he's there with me along with 2 or 3 other really close friends I truly love, and being realistic, he's the the person who is most honest with me, so it got me thinking and it probably is true.

Everyday I face more and more reality and it really scares me to think that in less tan 2 years I'm gonna be facing the world completely alone, and those fears lead to others and lusbfaiubiurejwoidajueifuq3i4uh oh my god I'm a mess, and to think I was having a good day.

I think I'll be writing more about this a lot.

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