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The Sun is Setting on Panama

I got an e-mail yesterday announcing the 2008 Winter Sale for an outdoor gear company.

"That's strange," I thought, "their e-mail software must have messed up. It's not even close to being winter."

I guess you could say that I've adapted to the eternal summer of Panama. In five days it will be time to adapt again, this time to people who speak the same language as me. Eight days after that it will be time to adapt to the polar opposite of Panama - Tokyo.

Veg - A Dissertation

On How I Move, Eat, and Sleep

So I'm not going to lie. I eat a lot of vegetables. I like them. They like me. But man it takes a lot of time to prep them. So I've simplified my life quite a bit when it comes to vegetables. Every Sunday I cut up a huge amount of veg. I typically do something along the lines of:

Leafy Greens (Pick one or more from below)

Kale (either green, red, or black)

Swiss Chard (I usually go for a rainbow bunch, because they're pretty)

Baby Spinach

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