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The Sun is Setting on Panama

I got an e-mail yesterday announcing the 2008 Winter Sale for an outdoor gear company.

"That's strange," I thought, "their e-mail software must have messed up. It's not even close to being winter."

I guess you could say that I've adapted to the eternal summer of Panama. In five days it will be time to adapt again, this time to people who speak the same language as me. Eight days after that it will be time to adapt to the polar opposite of Panama - Tokyo.

17 uses for old yogurt containers

On Mike Dariano

Do you have these old yogurt containers around? We have them a plenty. Uncle Dan has them by the hundred. Unfortunately, most centers won't recycle plastic number 5. It's like the U2 Rattle and Hum album. As a teen when I visited the used CD store in our city there was always, always, a copy there. Even after I bought one for myself and one for a girlfriend they still had copies. It's a decent set of songs but not one anyone appreciates. Just like old yogurt containers. Here are 17 ideas for what to do with old yogurt containers.

The beauty of this system is that you can use any container you have a lot of and the more you have the better your system will look. You'll have consistent container sizes and when you arrange and label. The system will serve you a long time, as long as plastic number 5.

Read more about plastic number 5.

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