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Professor Tynan

So yesterday I returned to UT Austin to talk to the Weird Science class about polyphasic sleep. I was initially going to have a cool powerpoint presentation and stuff like that, but I sorta forgot. In fact, I forgot to prepare what I was going to talk about at all.

I used to be extremely shy and nervous about talking to groups, only getting over it when I became a pick up artist. Ever since getting over that fear, I really enjoy public speaking.

We got to the class a little late, but it didn't matter. The class is so laid back that people just chat for the first few minutes in the beginning anyway. After about 10 minutes or so the teacher introduced me and I launched into my presentation.

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On The Case of the Fiery Grillman


One night nearly two decades after Hennessey, I plotted to corner Hilton at a Christmas party. He was deep in his cups and settled onto the sofa by the tree, when I sat beside him with a couple of glasses and a bottle of exceptional Oregon Pinot Noir. Hilton is wary of cops, even me, but he knew who I was and could appreciate my wine. He is a man who likes to spin yarns, especially to women.

I said, “Tell me something about Paul I don’t know.”

He tasted wine, smiled, nodded, and rubbed his graying stubble of a beard, considering his story. He said, “Did you know he hired me at The Open Door?”

I shook my head, a detail I’d missed, and Hilton went on. “He was nineteen, been in town a week. I was interviewing for whitey, three of ‘em sitting around a table like I had applied for a cabinet position, all in suits, Mitchell in plaid pants with that stupid fake afro and widest tie I’ve ever seen. They was looking at each other like ain’t no way this nigger fronting my restaurant but talking like, ‘Well, Mr. Beaudre, tell us about your experience in sauté.’ I didn’t have much hope.”

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