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The Great San Blas Adventure: Part 2

We watched the plane that we were supposed to be on fly away. As it flew over us we waved our arms as if we were stuck on a deserted island.

In a way we were. With one plane a day, which is usually full, there was no guarantee we could get off the island any time soon. We looked to our canoe driver for guidance.

He stammered something in Spanish. I wasn't sure exactly what it was, but it certainly wasn't an apology. He turned the canoe around and headed for Rio Sidra. Rio Sidra is the "big" island of the chain, but that's relative.

Delay in Doha (Travel Update)

On Konstantin

Jan 13th:

“THIS AIRPORT IS A SILENT AIRPORT ...”, an obnoxious voice roars through the vast halls of Doha airport for what seems to be the hundredth time and continues to tell me to look for updates on flight statuses on display boards. Granted, I've been here for almost 14 hours now and they only keep repeating that message along with a few other public service announcements every 15 minutes or so, but the irony is not lost on me.

Airport waiting time isn't quite as dull as I had expected. With all of the advantages the technological age brings with it, one can be just about as comfortable as any other day in a random office. If you look around a bit you can find seats next to wall sockets (unfortunately also next to the speakers that broadcast the various announcements), the air conditioning is acceptable, and in the far back you can even find a small relaxation area.

Actually I only had a stay of nine hours scheduled but ten minutes after they started boarding passengers an airport clerk came out to address the crowd and tell us that “Passengers flying to Bangkok can take seats again. The flight will go at around 6:20”. What follows is a moment silence, accompanied by blank stares by the waiting passengers. In unison the stares sweep to a nearby clock, then to each other, and then back to the clerk. It's barely past one o'clock.

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