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The Bet (version 2)

So recently Manish and I have been lazy about oversleeping and it has gotten out of control. I had two nights in a row where I overslept by a total of four hours. Manish has two nights with almost seven hours each. Not acceptable!

So... here's the deal. Each of us are putting up $1000. If ONE of us (no matter which) oversleeps for an hour or more, we have to each give up half our money. If both oversleep, we both give up our whole thousand.

Where does the money go? The Polynappers of Tomorrow Fund, which we'll create. People who are attempting the schedule can write us applications and if accepted we will buy them a good sleep mask, travel pillow, and loud portable alarm clock. If they succeed, it's theirs to keep. If they fail they send it back and send an additional $20 which gets added to the fund. At no point will Manish or I benefit from the fund, even if it grows to over $1000. We will also buy two copies of Claudio Stampi's book and loan them to anyone on request.

Internal Scorecard #1


The Internal Scorecard

I think there's a tremendous amount of misconceptions regarding achievement, productivity, creativity, ambition, work, work rate, work ethic, and so on.

So I'm thinking of publishing some analysis weekly with examples of what happened in the week, successes and failures, noteworthy events, what I'm reading and listening to, and so on. If it goes well, I can give you a picture of a workweek for me, intermix tactics and techniques, and give you practical guidance about what's working well and what isn't.

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