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The Bet (version 2)

So recently Manish and I have been lazy about oversleeping and it has gotten out of control. I had two nights in a row where I overslept by a total of four hours. Manish has two nights with almost seven hours each. Not acceptable!

So... here's the deal. Each of us are putting up $1000. If ONE of us (no matter which) oversleeps for an hour or more, we have to each give up half our money. If both oversleep, we both give up our whole thousand.

Where does the money go? The Polynappers of Tomorrow Fund, which we'll create. People who are attempting the schedule can write us applications and if accepted we will buy them a good sleep mask, travel pillow, and loud portable alarm clock. If they succeed, it's theirs to keep. If they fail they send it back and send an additional $20 which gets added to the fund. At no point will Manish or I benefit from the fund, even if it grows to over $1000. We will also buy two copies of Claudio Stampi's book and loan them to anyone on request.

Looking Forward

On jstJSH

My cat Twilight (NOT after the hugely successful book/film saga) is hugely independent. She does her own thing, and can be a total diva if anyone tries to stop her. That is, until Autumn kicks in. There is something about this season that changes her completely. She turns from the feline equivalent of a total bitch into the cuddly little monster she was as a kitten. She becomes clingy and needy, and attention seeking and I love that she does. It gives me something to look forward to.

I can know that however horrible my day is, when I get home there is a little, furry bundle of love waiting to eat half my dinner and get a cuddle from me. She really has the power to brighten my day. When I realised how much I look forward to this time of year purely because of my cats autumnal hormone overload I started to think about the other things I have to look forward to inside the next year alone.

First off, Christmas! The wonderful thing about being as close to your family as I am with mine, is that holidays are always guaranteed to be entertaining. And Christmas is the proverbial Wrestlemania of the year (Didn't know I was a wrestling fan, did you? Sure I could've gone with super bowl, but what can I say? I'm a barrel of surprises).

Then come April I have my Aunt's wedding. This is exciting for several reasons. Firstly because I'm über close with my aunt (Hey! Auntie K!) and I can't wait to be a small part of her special day. Secondly because I'm designing (for the first time) a custom-made suit to wear for the occasion.

July brings with it my birthday, I don't really think I need to explain why this is exciting for me.

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