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Gear Updated

Our original gear list has changed. We've added a few gems and have also dumped some poor performing or no longer useful stuff.

The Losers:

Stuff that hit the trash can.

Rainy Season

On My Journal

Yes, I love rainy days. Rain is the only "cold" weather we get in Southern CA, so it's always very exciting and delightful to experience a rainy day. However, rainy seasons (filled with trials, sadness, depressions, and hopelessness) are no fun. Unfortunately, the last year of my life has been a rainy season. Literally, from the time of my birthday last year all the way to my birthday this year (which is in about 20 days), it's been nothing but rain. Oh how I pray and hope that this new year will be different. No more clouds. No more fog. No more thunder and lightning. I want to see the sun.

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