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Conversion Doubler is Done!

Ahoy! After six months of doing little other than working on it, Conversion Doubler is finished. You can see the rough draft of my copy at www.conversiondoubler.com. YES! It feels great to be done. It came out amazingly well... I'm 100% confident it's the best product out there. If anyone who reads here would like a copy, I will give it to you for 75% off ($50/mo). The catch? You must have posted a comment to the blog, sent me an e-mail, or have had an account before today on my forums.

In other news, my RV is for sale. If anyone here would like to carry on the tradition of being a nomad, here's the link : Tynan's RV. Even if you don't want to buy it, there are a bunch of pictures taken by my brother, so you can see how I lived for 9 months!

I wrote an article for Alex Shalman about my new productivity system that I talked about in my new years post. Check it out and come join me in the forums where I keep track of my progress every day.

Bittersweet: The life of a professional poker player

On Striving For Happiness

Three times a week I spend an hour driving to the casino to begin my work. On the outside the casino looks like a Disneyland for adults with statues of roman warriors on the outside. I walk in, greet the managers, employees and fellow players and place myself on the 2/5 poker list. For the following 10 hours I shuffle chips with one hand, browse the internet with the other and quietly observe others in order to exploit them. Despite my long-term success; playing poker each day presents me with new challenges. Every hour I face a $500 decision which I must be right more than 80% of the time to be a winning player. Sometimes I chat with other players. Sometimes I listen to music and act solemn. Sometimes I play the role of a douchy frat kid. More than 90% of the time I’m friendly with the other players and chat with every dealer. Everyone knows my name. Some players refuse to sit at my table in fear, despite that I’m really not that great.

Playing poker for a living sounds like the dream, right? When everything is going in my favor I simply can’t help but see poker as a dream. One month I won so much I dropped a grand on clothes and it barely affected my monthly earnings.

I have no boss, yet no employees. I have no schedule. If I piss my “customers” off it usually makes me more money. I can work whenever I want. Also the job is relatively recession proof: gambling increases during times of economic hardships. Sometimes I can watch movies while I play and still make great money. I can listen to music the whole time I play. Writing all of these benefits make me smile irresistibly. I’m literally smiling right now.

Nearly every other day someone asks: “Should I quit my job to play poker for a living?” on the world’s only poker forum.

Honestly, no you should not. Players are continuously becoming better. All poker players are becoming better. If I could go back 8 years ago with the knowledge I posses now, I would earn half a million a year easily. Poker is a dying business to dive into. More and more people start playing poker for a living with each passing day. You can continue to increase your skill level, but at a certain point your efforts are better spent elsewhere.

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