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Today at lunch a waitress sat down with my friend and I. We go to this particular restaurant often and are chatty, so we're friends enough to sit together during her break, but not enough to make plans outside of the restaurant.

She told us that she was raped in the past.

Now, this wasn't borne from the victim mentality where people have a tragedy in their past that dominates their identity, and thus must be brought to the surface early in every relationship. We were talking about recovering from events like that, and she matter-of-factly brought it up and talked about how she recovered, without once fishing for pity.

You want us to sell you the sallad without putting dead animals on it? Sorry, you have to buy that corps.

On David Krug

Im at a café and I just had to go through a 15-20 minute discussion with 2 staff members and then a manager to be able to be able to get a cucumber-tomato-avocado-sallad without any dead animals on it (which was not possible in the end anyways even though they had all ingredients). They couldnt just charge me for a Salmon sallad for example and just not put the Salmon on it. Nope, that sounded very difficult for some reason. I would have to get it made with the Salmon and then throw the Salmon away (which would still not be vegan, it would be killing for nothing which is as bad or worse than killing for eating). They had all these ingredients as separate side orders too, but to be allowed to order side orders I would have to buy something with animal products on it. Even 10 side orders would not be allowed to order without a animal main coarse. Believe it or not as a raw vegan you have to expect this insanity so I had a plan b which was asking them to put my bananas and water in their blender and blend it for me for a charge plus tip. Even though they do make smoothies with stuff I dont eat in it just putting my bananas and water there and charging me without having to give me anything was to advance for them as well. Finally after speaking to three people I got my bananas blended, but without water, that was to advanced. Sometimes it just feels that the World has gone completely mad. So many places dont even have one sallad without dead animals on it and when you just want the most simple thing like cucumber-tomato-avocado that is actually on the side-order-menu then people have no idea how to solve that "complicated situation". The reasons i didnt just walk away is that I need a place to sit and work with the laptop today when the electricity is not working at the childcare center where Im staying PLUS that I cant believe that it can be so hard. What on earth are people thinking? The scariest thing is that these people are most likely thinking that I am the "weird and crazy one" even though Im the one doing something good for the environment and for other living beings like the animals on the menu and even though their restaurant is the one discriminating against a certain groups of potential customers instead of just seeing the potential and putting just one vegan dish on their menu or at least being flexible and keep their dead animals when asked to. I was never angry or upset but I do feel that it is a completely brainwashed and upside down world I live in at times and that some people are completely unable to just stop for a second and consider what is reasonable or not. Another example of that was a company that found it reasonable to charge me 500 USD for something that took 30 seconds for a staff member that does not even make 500 USD per month. So in those 30 seconds the Company wants me as a customer to pay 500 and the worker to get a few cents or something and the rest is the company profit... That´s greed for you..

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