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A Typical Day In Austin

I always want to write about a "typical" day here in Austin, but it seems like no day is actually normal enough for me to write about, so it ends up not happening. So, since I have a few minutes in my RV before it's time to head to late night dinner, I'll just write about today. I always wonder what people do with their days, so maybe my regular day will be interesting to you.

((Note: I'm aware that this is a bit like those rambly livejournal entries that no one actually ever wants to read. ))

I woke up at around 10am, which is pretty early for me. The sun comes in through the RV window at just the right angle to hit me in the face at 9:45. This happens every morning. Sometimes I wake up then and sometimes I roll over and sleep until 11am when it finally gets too hot to keep sleeping.

The Gym 'Off' Day List

On Kim the Fitness Freak

So, your body is aching, your throat is uncontrollably rough and coughing like a volcano (let's not go too further into description) and you feel like you could sit down all day in a big clump on the sofa.

We have all been there, because we are all human.. well.. let's hope:

anyways, if you are reading this:

-You obviously like going to the gym?

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