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Neetu posting Manish's entries on Ty's blog

Hello. Let me take a second to introduce myself. I am Neetu, Manish's younger sister by 2 years. We live together in an apartment and have decided to transition to polyphasic napping as a new lifestyle. Why waste all that time sleeping? Life's too short? Not anymore!

Anyways, I am writing his blog because he is incoherent to mentally tasking activities at the moment. He spent two nights sleeping for about 5 hours of sleep each night, and now he is further sleep deprived on the polyphasic sleep diet. He has resulted to cleaning his room and organizing his socks to stay awake. We look forward to the moment when fatigues stops being an issue, and the productivity really kicks in. At the moment, it is just a battle between us and the clock.

We were inspired by the by the experiment of Steve Pavlina and the constant borage and enthusiasm of our buddy Cornrow. On Pavlina's blog, you can read about his experiences and challenges in adopting to the new sleep schedule. Luckily, we are scattering our sleep cycles so that we can wake each other up after our naps. Cornrow got an early start and is pretty much already on the schedule, which is fantastic so he can keep us psyched and drive us around when we are delerious!

Negotiating For Bicycles

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

My hostel in Tel Aviv offered a pretty sweet service - for 60 shekels (about $20) a day, they’d rent you a bicycle.

I love biking around Seattle, especially when I was living downtown. My favorite reason to bike is the speed and flexibility it gives you. That means I get to spend more time doing things - sleeping, eating, being with friends - and less time commuting - walking or waiting for the bus.

Most of the things I did in Tel Aviv were very casual, and it didn’t matter when I got there. In those cases, I enjoyed walking. I got to see a lot of the city, take detours, explore some shops, taste new food. But there were two nights when I went out dancing. Those dances started at a specific time, and ended at a specific time. Both nights, I decide to go at the last minute and didn’t really want to be late and miss out.

The first night, the dance started at 10pm. I asked one of the employees if I could rent a bicycle at around 9:30pm. She said sure, and asked how long I wanted it. “Just a few hours. Maybe until 1am or so.” She said it was 600 shekels if the bike was lost or stolen, and as far as the rate - she’d give me a partial rate of 20 shekels (about $6), because I was only using it a few hours. Sounded good to me!

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