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Amex Good, Hostgator Bad

I love my American Express card. I have the platinum one thanks to Todd, which has a lot of cool benefits like being able to go into airport lounges and such.

However, they always seem to freeze my account when I travel. Last year, when I went to Tokyo, Todd and I ate at a baller Kobe beef restaurant in Kobe. We went to pay and both of our Amexes got declined. Ouch.

We called from a payphone across from the restaurant and they finally fixed it.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday

On Minimalist Wealth

I was never a fan of AMEX since they charge businesses so much, and thus aren't widely accepted. However,if you are looking to add a new line of credit, the American Express Blue Cash Everyday card could be a great choice.

Why I have it

It's not the most versatile card, but it is the only card that gives 3% cash back on US Supermarkets with no annual fee. The 2% and 1% cash back on other categories are useless to me since my Barclaycard gives 2.2% on everything. But everyone shops at supermarkets, and since this card is free, it's a good one to pick up, if not just for the $50 promo bonus, free year of Amazon Prime, and 15 months of 0% APR.

The Blue Cash Preferred Card is not worth the $75 annual fee, other than that, there's not much else to say.

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