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I Have So Much to Tell You

Live and direct, here are some updates on my latest drastic changes, as well as my encounter with a deadly rattlesnake. I'm talking specifically about taking a break from polyphasic sleep and giving up the computer, of course.

It's now been a little bit over 48 hours since giving up the computer and taking a break from polyphasic. Both transitions went far better than I expected.

First, giving up the computer was a great idea. In that first 24 hours I got more important stuff done around the house than I had in the past month. I cleaned up where I had a minor flood, began cleaning the kitchen, and moved the last of my stuff out of my office. I also spent time with several of my friends, which made it much easier.

5 Signs That You May Be in The Wrong Relationship

On Sara Alina

Spring is finally in the air, and many are making changes in their life? So, why not change your relationship as well? I came across this article online and here are some ways to spot if you are in a bad relationship.

1. You feel the need to change who you are to make your partner happy.

Everyone makes little changes and maybe some sacrifices while they are in a relationship, but you shouldn’t have to drastically change who you are to make your partner happy.

2.You have to defend your significant other to family and friends.

Every time you hang out with your friends or family you shouldn’t have to make constant excuses for your significant other. It’s time to face the truth!

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