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The Secret Tunnels Under UT

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Haha... two secret posts in a row. I have a mental list of stories I want to write here, and somehow this one had slipped off of it. Luckily, a UT Grad who goes by "The Reel Deal" posted a comment reminding me about the story. So here it goes, with a little history first.

I never thought I'd go to UT (The University of Texas, not Tennessee). Ever since I was in middle school, I always knew that I'd go to MIT - it was where the smart geeky people went, and I was one of them. When it came time to do applications for schools, I mailed two of them. One for MIT and one for WPI, a lesser known technical school in Massachusetts. I had abysmal grades, due in a large part to my refusal to do most homework and having never actually studied for a test. I always thought it was interesting to see how much of the material I'd naturally retained. Let's just say it usually wasn't over 80%.

Case File 3 "Static"

On Wellington Street

“I have tried for years to understand the workings of the human mind, and though as the saying goes “I stand on the shoulder's of giants,” I am still aware of how little I know. This is especially true due to the focus of my work, abnormal psychology. Although there is some repetition, the ways in which a mind can break is astonishing. One case that haunts me still was when a patient of mine was discovered dead in the main sitting room of the sanitarium, the TV set to static.

I initially began the man's case several years before, when he began to describe to me increasing feelings of paranoia and overwhelming fear. It had begun to affect his day to day life, and at first it seemed to be perfectly manageable. Though he had no previous history of mental illness, I normally believe that someone is rarely beyond my care. But sometimes we can catch someone late, and recovery can become much more difficult.

When I asked him initially what was it that he was afraid of, he confided in me that he had been seeing someone stalking him wherever he went.

I did the normal analysis, beginning with his home and work life. Although these areas were clearly being affects, it was also clear that the source may not be found there. His home life with his wife was supportive and relaxed, something that was confirmed after conversations with her.

His work life was also without error, and although I imagined it would be the source of the fear it was obvious within a short amount of time that it was something that he not only enjoyed, but was passionate about. As the weeks passed I continued to talk with him, but had little success. Despite my efforts and the introduction of medicine his condition continued to get worse, eventually reaching the point where he was unable to leave his home for long.

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