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My Stalker Is Awesome

I don't know if most people would want a stalker or not, but I have one and I think it's great. Technically she may be more of a secret admirer, but I don't have any proof that she admires me, and I do have proof that she's crafty enough to find my addresses. There's also been some speculation that she isn't actually a hot girl, but is someone playing a trick on me.

I walk into work and see a large envelope sitting on my desk. Hmm... I'm not expecting anything. I look at the to address.

"Black Ty"

She was 10 years older, but the chicken was incredible

On Linus Rylander

I was on a date with a 29-year-old girl.

I turn 20 in April.

I approached her at the skytrain station. She was with some friends, taking pictures in front of this exhibit type of thing. Didn't know her age, I just thought she was cute. If you like referring to any sort of scale for measuring female hotness, she was definitely at the upper end of it.

So I walked up and said something along the lines of "Hi. I just saw you as I was walking by here. You're really cute, what's your name?"

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