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How to Be Happy. Always.

Ok folks... I'm gonna break it down for you Dr. Phil style today, and talk about happiness.

Now, first of all - I don't see why happiness is always priority number one. "Do whatever makes you happy", they say. "Yeah, but is she HAPPY?". Who says this is the holy grail? Personally, I think giving Tynan presents should be the end goal. "Do whatever makes Tynan get more presents" and "Yeah, but is she giving Tynan presents?" both sound pretty sweet to me.

But we live in a world where happiness is number one. They don't ask if happiness makes you money, but if money makes you happy. So, let's get happy.

Journey of Alan's mind....Chapter four

On The Melted Ladybug

One thing that annoys me highly is when people say "I understand." They most certainly do not. This has come up the most in my medical care. They think they know my preferences and wishes, but in fact, they do not. They know my parents wishes and they assume I agree. This is not to say I hate my parents. I love them. I would just like to be a part of the conversation. That's all. Then the question arises, who has the final say? Is it me? my parents? Or maybe my doctor? This is still an open question for me.

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