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The State of Life Nomadic

Here's what's going on with Life Nomadic. The site still isn't ready, but it's getting close. I also said that it was close a month ago, so take that with a grain of salt.

The primary delay is that the site is being coded by hand from scratch. It's not built on wordpress, drupal, or anything else like that. Todd is custom coding it from the ground up. This means that it takes a lot longer to get ready, but will also be way more advanced than any other site like it.

The second delay is that we basically did zero work for two weeks while we went everywhere in Panama. Can't say I regret that at all.

How to Stop Reading the News

On Joshua Thomas

I have a problem, the same problem that a lot of people with a 9-5 office job have. Every couple of hours I'll find an excuse to wind up on Hacker News or Reddit.

It's easy to justify. You'll even tell yourself that taking a break from your goals to catch up on the Ukraine Crisis is actually "productive" in some twisted way. You're taught in elementary school to keep up with current events... And school was right. You should be reasonably informed about what's going on in the world, but when it becomes an addiction to news consumption, it's a serious problem and it's going to negatively affect your productivity. Any addiction to consumption is going to negatively affect your productivity.

I've tried to stop this consumption cold turkey, but it's not realistic. I need to keep up with the news at least a bit, and so the addiction continues.

Something that I DON'T do very often is leave a comment on the articles I read. After I get that consumption high I'm usually satisfied. Leaving a helpful opinion or practicing my debating skills isn't necessary at this point, I'll quander to myself. And then I'll move on to the next article.

Lately I've implemented a rule for myself that seems to finally keep me from wasting hours idly browsing the news.

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