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The Simple Method of Preventing Jet Lag Every Time

Jet lag sucks. I remember the worst time I had it, during one of my first trips to Japan. I was so excited to get out and see Tokyo, but I just couldn't pry myself from the bed. At three pm in the afternoon I battled to keep my eyes open, knowing that I would lose and end up sleeping through the evening.

Luckily jet lag is very easy to beat if you know the trick. I came up with this during one trip, it worked, and I've been doing it ever since. I got back to San Francisco yesterday afternoon and today I woke up at a normal time, went through my normal routine, and am just now starting to get tired at 11pm, like usual.

I wrote about this before, but made it too complicated. Here's the easy version:

The only thing that matters is that you are at an appropriate level of tiredness for the time you land. The goal is to compromise your comfort on the flight and possibly the time right before the flight to achieve this.

Calculating EV and Coefficient of Variation: An Example

On Lawrence He

Expected Value is the Profit or Loss from a decision times the probably of that happening.


Box A has a 25% chance of giving you 30 dollars, a 50% chance of giving you 20 dollars, and a 25% chance of giving you 10 dollars.  It costs 15 dollars to buy box A, what is your expected value?

30-15=15 ; 15 x .25= $3.75

20-15= 5 ; 5 x .5 = $2.50

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