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We Found an Apartment!

Todd and I have a tendency to not plan anything. Last year when we went to Japan we had no plans and nowhere to stay when we landed there.

Life Nomadic 2008 is no different.

Before we left I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a an apartment to rent online. We even worked through Century 21 here in Panama, which turned out to be a colossal disappointment. They found us a place, but then when we got here they skipped on a meeting they were supposed to have with us and then said, "Sorry! He doesn't want to rent it short term anymore."

Uber: Me and my Driver... ish.

On DROdio

I needed to get from our office at 153 Townsend St over to Kicklabs at 181 Fremont St.  In the elevator on the way down, some colleagues suggested I try Uber.

I'd ridden in their pedicabs at SXSW and figured, why not, so I installed the Uber iPhone app and asked for a driver.

Sofian showed up 4 minutes later in a cream colored Lincoln Town Car (the only cream colored executive sedan in the Uber fleet, he proudly informed me).  He was super professional and friendly.  The ride cost me $20 -- about 4 times what a cab ride would've cost, so as a cash conscious startup founder I won't be using Uber on a daily basis, but when it's raining out and I can't find a regular cab, or if I'm with clients, then no question, Uber is awesome.  And Sofian said he exclusively gives rides through Uber, meaning the startup has uncovered an AirBnB-like way to create entirely new type of taxi-plus type service.  Very impressive.

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