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Obama Won, and I Didn't Even Vote

I already know that this post is going to get a lot of negative comments like the religion one. And that's because this "every vote counts" dogma that everyone loves so much shares a lot with religion. It's a belief that's held true without a single bit of compelling evidence, and it's a strong belief.

But before I get into that, let's talk about some other things.

First, Obama won and I'm happy about that. I don't think that he's a superhero like a lot of people do. When I look at his positions I disagree with most of them. I disagree with most of McCain's positions as well.

My Italian Excursion through Europe Part 1

On The Bumpy Beetle

I am officially a senior in college!! I am so excited to finally be the big fish in the pond. I'm excited for all my friends to finally turn 21 so that we can live our dream of sipping cosmos and dishing on the latest men in our lives like Sex and The City. I'm excited to finally graduate! I'm just kidding. I am the complete opposite of excited. My college town in Chico, California has become my second home away from home. It's my comfort zone. It's where I have grown up the most. I have made friends that will last me a life time as well as friends who I learned were not the best of people to surround myself with. One of the most inspiring moments I have had in college was studying abroad in Torino, Italy. Or Turin if you're a real Italian ;) The picture above is The Colosseum in Rome!!

During my 4 month stay in Torino, I traveled to 7 different countries: Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Prague, and of course Italia Bella. :)

I could go on and say all the cliche' things people usually say about being abroad like, "it was an amazing experience", "it was so much fun", or "the partying was insane" but none of those statements come anywhere close to what living and studying in another country is like. The truth is that if you go and live in another country you will discover more things about yourself and the world around you than you ever imagined. I have a confession to make. I am still infected with the travel bug!!! I came back from Europe this past December but my soul still remains wandering the cobblestoned streets of Italy sipping on espressos and munching on a panini. I graduate from Chico State in Spring 2015 and right now I want to teach English in Europe! (The above picture is Pope Francis in Vatican City, technically it's own country located in Rome!)

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