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Odd and Unimportant Quirks I Have

Nothing fancy today. There are a bunch of things I do that are fairly unique but probably wouldn't ever come up on this site. Maybe some of them will give you ideas, or maybe you'll just think I'm weird.


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I hate to lose.

Want to know why? Three words.

Middle. School. Wrestling.

When I first got into Jr. High I remember wanting to sign up for a winter sport. In my smaller school, there wasn’t too much of a choice. It was either basketball or wrestling. Unfortunately, basketball was out. I would have loved to play basketball! I liked watching it on T.V., rooted for the Portland Trailblazers, and knew the game. One problem: I was short. Some people would say, “You can play basketball even if you’re short -- you just have to have a good outside shot; you know, put up three pointers all day!”

Yeah... so... like I said; basketball was out.

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