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Zen and the art of surviving Chiang Mai by motorcycle

On True East

In the South of Thailand, road burn is known as the ‘Koh Phangan tattoo.’ It’s a popular look on the backpackers here who come in search of the fabled zen-like experience of riding a motorbike through South East Asia.

A lot of these people arrive in Thailand, jump straight on a scooter without any experience and end up slamming it into a tree, a road sign or a drunken native. The roads here really are mighty treacherous. So much so that it was five months until I plucked up the courage to rent a scooter and brave the streets of Chiang Mai.

Before that, I’d just jump on the back of my girlfriend’s bike or take a red cab. This was all going well until I sat in the front seat of one of the red cabs and found the driver so fucked in half drunk that he could barely steer. I also noticed that my girlfriend’s bike didn’t have a left rear view mirror. Around this point I figured I might be safer navigating the roads on my own.

I’d rented a scooter in Pai on two occasions and managed to drive around town without bursting into a ball of flames, so I figured it was a viable option. Still, I decided to spend the first few weeks riding on quiet streets in Santitham before I braved the hectic ring road around the Old City.

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