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Pictures From Afghanistan

I'm in Austin, ostensibly for SXSW, but in reality I've spent most of my time at my friend's house, or at Casa, plugging away at my YC demo. The deadline is this Sunday and there's a lot to be done before I'll feel confident submitting.

So that's why I haven't posted yet this week. I intended to post a video of the talk Jason and I gave, but my camera ran out of batteries early into the talk, so I have no video.

My brother, who I wrote about last year, has been in Afghanistan. He's a soldier in the army. Besides shooting with his gun, he's also been shooting with a camera he brought with him. He posts photos to Facebook on a regular basis, and some of those photos have been really fascinating to look at. With his permission, I've reposted some of them here for you to see:

How to Connect Past Smalltalk


Awesome email here -

Hi Sebastian!

One of the 900 here -- and this is my FIRST time ever emailing a Blog. I was a little hesitant to write this actually, in part because I so enjoy your blog that I almost didn't want to "burst the bubble". But after reading a lot of posts and already having spent quite a bit of time previously ( and constantly ) in introspection, I would really appreciate your input on a major stumbling block....


My short question is: How do you connect with someone? And, secondly, based on your preference of doing away with pleasantries / small talk, how do you connect with someone without the seemingly required "pleasantry" stage of a conversation?

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