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When I Die

Many years ago I decided that when I died I would become cryogenically frozen when I died.

Of course, that decision carried no weight - the procedure costs more than one hundred thousand dollars, money which I didn't have to set aside.

A couple months ago I walked into Style's living room. Mystery was there.

What the **** is mon.ki?

On I am not here

What does a “Twitter” and “People” Chrome Extension have to do with "expats", "personal assistance" and "international health insurance"? On first sight nothing. And maybe there is no connection all all except for the fact that my brain desperately wants to see them.

Before starting mon.ki I was happily working “non profit” rebuilding First Tuesday in Latin America. It was the best job I ever had. Go to some country in Central America, surf a few days, do a key note, have a few cold Coronas with smart entrepreneurs and top it off with an interesting lunch with some big wig minister of some screwed up economy. Yes, there was always the nagging itch to get back into the ring but the cold water of Punta de Lobos would soothe that just fine.

Soothing big time in Punta de Lobos

Then the itch met the pain.

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