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The Gear of Life Nomadic

To say that we packed light is an understatement. We packed super light. Someone recently told me a saying that stuck in my mind.

"No one ever wishes they packed heavier."

So true. With fewer baggage comes more freedom, and that's exactly what we're after. Still, when Todd suggested that we take only a small backpack each, I thought he was crazy.

Los Cabos!!

On My Dreams Are My Wings

Have you ever been to Los Cabos?? If you haven’t, you should totally go.

At the beginning, I didn’t wanted to go, I’m not a big fan of the beach, but my family convinced me that it would be a great experience, so I ended up going.

It’s a beautiful place and I’m looking forward to go back soon.

It can be really quiet and peaceful or a great place for parties. Or just a little of both.

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