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The Gear of Life Nomadic

To say that we packed light is an understatement. We packed super light. Someone recently told me a saying that stuck in my mind.

"No one ever wishes they packed heavier."

So true. With fewer baggage comes more freedom, and that's exactly what we're after. Still, when Todd suggested that we take only a small backpack each, I thought he was crazy.

Car Husk

On The Nosy Moth

Dilapidated, by Suprada on Flickr.

Car Husk, Bodie, CA

Looks like, this weeks theme for my photos is going to be this car. I\'m so fascinated by the various aspects of it...especially, the tire fenders (I think that is the right word for it), the beautiful shapes that I had to make many pictures of this guy. And I have a few angles of this beauty which I want to share. One thing that astounds me is I cannot point to any one main thing which I find attractive about this car, no main feature...I can name a few of them which all add up to make this a very attractive car indeed.

This was shot in Bodie, a ghost town on the north eastern edge of Yosemite National Park, close to the town of Bridgeport. I was there shooting from sunrise. The idea was to shoot from sunrise till the light got very difficult to work with, then go back for a midday nap and come back in the evening for another shoot. So before I left for the morning, 4 hrs after sunrise, I found this car and spent a good amount of time shooting him. Why do I call this car \"him\"? It reminds me of an adorable grandpa person!

Also, from today onwards, in the technical details section, I will add the time the photo was taken and sunset or sunrise time for the day depending, thanks to Vikas\' suggestion. I must thank all of you who bother to leave me comments. Thanks for your time and effort. I will certainly try to reply to these comments at least every second day.

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