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Making the Biggest Decisions

I wanted to write a post about making the Biggest Decisions. Before doing so, I thought I'd jot down some of mine and look for commonalities. What surprised me most was how few decisions of this magnitude there were. Depending on where I set the bar, I've probably only made 10 huge decisions in my entire life. I made the first about 20 years ago, so I make one every two years.

Here are some of what I consider to be the biggest decisions:

1. Dropping out of school2. Deciding to travel around the world for an extended period of time3. Moving to Las Vegas (as well as other moves)4. Living in an RV5. Focusing entirely on pickup for 1-2 years6. Getting married

It was interesting to realize how few there were, especially while keeping in mind the enormous changes they've made in my life. In other words, they are even higher leverage than I had subconsciously considered them to be.

Let's start with Hello.

On The Anon Girl

Hello, you should probably know a bit about me, before you start reading my blog. I'm a girl, but I think you can tell that. I live in Canada, on a quite little farm. I'm pretty shy in person, if I don't know you well, and I'm awkward too. You'll be able to learn a lot about me, by my daily blog. Sometimes there will be more than one a day, I guess it just depends on how much goes on in a day. I had a blog before this, but it didn't exactly go anywhere, so I started this one. Instead of writing in my Journal, I decided "why not share my thoughts with the world." Even if this blog doesn't go far, at least I'll be out there with my writing. Basically, this is a blog about my life, there might be some of my poems sometimes. Wanna get to know me? Why not subscribe?

~The Anon Girl

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