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Wow 2017

I'm not sure how to even begin talking about 2017, except to say that it was a really exceptional year for me.

As I've said in previous years, every year of my life has so far been better than the previous. The primary driver is that I work for permanent, not fleeting, progress.

The net improvement year over year varies. Sometimes it's a small incremental improvement, and other times it's a huge one. I feel confident saying that 2017 delivered the biggest improvement ever.

The strange part of it all is that two areas that had been constant areas that demanded a lot of focus and time, dating and finances, both went to a 10/10 this year. I realized that part of my identity had become based around working on those things, so it's been weird to have both totally taken care of.

Let's start with Hello.

On The Anon Girl

Hello, you should probably know a bit about me, before you start reading my blog. I'm a girl, but I think you can tell that. I live in Canada, on a quite little farm. I'm pretty shy in person, if I don't know you well, and I'm awkward too. You'll be able to learn a lot about me, by my daily blog. Sometimes there will be more than one a day, I guess it just depends on how much goes on in a day. I had a blog before this, but it didn't exactly go anywhere, so I started this one. Instead of writing in my Journal, I decided "why not share my thoughts with the world." Even if this blog doesn't go far, at least I'll be out there with my writing. Basically, this is a blog about my life, there might be some of my poems sometimes. Wanna get to know me? Why not subscribe?

~The Anon Girl

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