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Superhuman 2 Event in March 2019

I've been hearing back recently from some of the attendees of the first event and have been blown away by the progress that they've been making. Talking to them has motivated me to schedule the next event and work with a new group of people.

The event will be two days of working closely with me on your habits, goals, and priorities. You will leave with a clear vision on next steps to take in your life as well as specific advice on how to implement them to ensure success. You will also be paired with one of the other attendees to become accountability partners.

The attendees at the first event were all truly excellent people whom I was glad to get to know and who were all glad to get to know each other and many left with lasting friendships. I was moved by how positive they were and how interested they were in each others' success.

Besides getting specific personal advice from me, you will also hear your fellow attendees work through their challenges. We'll talk a lot about productivity, mindset, automation, prioritization, social skills, and lifestyle.

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