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Finishing up All You Can Jet

The last few legs of my JetBlue All-You-Can-Jet month should be enjoyable but uneventful (at least as far as blog-worthy stories go), so it's about time to share my thoughts on it, and a few stories from the month.

Soccer in Bogota

The highlight of the trip was, of course, Bogota, Colombia. I've been wanting to go to Colombia for a while, and it certainly didn't disappoint. I stayed with blog-reader/awesome-dude Matt Aaron, who was also kind enough to show me around Bogota.

To The People of Hong Kong: On Virtue, Authority, and Terror (Marshall vs. Cathay Pacific Management)


Everyone I know is terrified of air travel.

Literally. Everyone.

They have infinite power and zero accountability.

When you're in an airport, you're at the mercy of the people there. If they don't like what you're doing, they can do anything they want to you, and you have no recourse.

I understand the necessity of that coercive power - but such immense power requires immense accountability.

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