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Getting Better All the Time

I think and hope that regular readers of my blog will appreciate the variety of posts I throw up-random stories, travel tips, big life ideas, etc. I live a happy and fulfilling life, and the idea is that if I make my ideas and thought processes public, over the long term, people can take bits and pieces to improve their lives (just as I've done from other people). This has proven to be successful on some scale.

But two thirds of the visits my site gets are from first time visitors. They searched on Google, followed a link on twitter, or were emailed an article by a friend. They don't get repeated exposure, but rather a single shot. And, if I'm honest about it, a post like Yuka probably isn't going to improve their lives, other than to offer a few moments of entertainment.

This set of circumstances leaves me thinking about what major themes run through my philosophy that can make an impact in a single post. Last night, as I slept in a chilly tent with no electricity, no light, and no internet, I kept coming back to the idea of always getting better.

For Love or Money (Month of Happiness)

On Mike Dariano

This month's challenge is to live a happier life. Here's where I got started.

To start with happiness might seem like I'm unhappy, that's not true. It's a bit closer to Am I content with the foods I eat?

I like to eat pizza and chili. Somedays I think I could eat those two things all the time, but not really. Those things would get boring and their allure would spoil. Instead I need to find more food options and to do that I have to start looking. One recent example is with my chili recipe. I formally used the seasoning packets that come premixed as 'Chili' or 'Spicy Chili' off the grocery store shelves. As I was looking at the ingredients one day, I realized all the spices in those little packages already lived happily in my cabinet. I opened my cabinet to find chili powder, cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper lined up like little soldiers. I started mixing and remixing until I found an even better combination for my chili. The same with happiness.

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